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The Secret to Great Health is in

Your Hormones

Why is balancing your hormones so important? Your body produces over 50 different hormones, and they're designed to synergistically work together like a fine-tuned orchestra. When functioning properly, they self-adjust second-by-second to maintain a healthy ratio and produce the correct number of hormones in balanced ratio with each other.

But if you're like many women, you may be unaware of this complex hormonal balancing act — until it starts to break down. It can lead to many different health issues, and you may not realize hormonal imbalance is the root cause.

Have You Been Looking for Symptom Relief in All the Wrong Places?

When an uncomfortable symptom develops, you may turn to your doctor to provide a diagnosis and solution.

But here's the rub...

According to a Yale study of US medical schools, only 17% of medical schools offered a course in women’s health as part of their core curriculum. That's why so many doctors are clueless about the wide array of serious problems that can affect women due to the interconnected nature of their hormones with their entire system.

Conventional medicine treats symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as mood disorders, hot flashes, fatigue, anxiety, and sleep problems with antidepressants, birth control pills, sleeping pills or synthetic hormone replacement -- with potentially dangerous side effects. Even worse, you may be told your symptoms are "all in your heads" and advised to see a psychiatrist. They're all Band-Aid solutions that offer very temporary relief, at best, and fail to heal the root cause of your hormonal imbalance.

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again, and expecting different results.

Isn't it time to finally try an all-natural and safe solution that really works?

Did You Know...

In today's modern world, your body’s delicate system is vulnerable to constant stress, heavy toxins, poor diet, and other negative factors that can throw hormones into a tailspin. That's why it's so important to learn the root cause of your hormonal imbalance and exactly how to fix it.

Many of the common health problems that stem from hormonal imbalance may surprise you

  • Obesity
  • Food cravings & binge eating
  • High blood pressure
  • Joint pain and arthritis
  • IBS
  • Osteoporosis
  • Endometriosis
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Insulin resistance & diabetes
  • Autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis & rosacea
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Fatigue, anxiety, and depression
  • Poor digestion & gut issues
  • Hair loss is a result of hormonal imbalance.
  • Sleep problems
  • Mood disorders are a result of hormonal imbalance.
  • High blood sugar
  • Skin issues
  • And many more.

The Balanced Hormone Blueprint is Your Secret Weapon for Fast, Effective, and Safe Relief

Every woman is different with a unique hormonal balance. After working with hundreds of private clients, I've discovered the #1 key to helping relieve hormonal imbalances is a whole-body, holistic approach. The Balanced Hormone Blueprint™, will help you identify the underlying cause of your imbalances, so you'll feel better, faster. I'll personally show you how to make simple holistic shifts in your life with time-tested tools, strategies, nourishment, and lifestyle adjustments.

Hi, I'm Marisa!

Marisa Faye, BCHN MPH FNTP

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, Masters in Public Health, Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Restorative Wellness Practitioner, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

Trust me, I know what it's like to be pulled in a million directions while researching what to do to feel better. I also know what it's like to finally discover a system that really works to balance hormones for sustainable relief.

Over 13 years ago, I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and suffered from painful periods, stubborn weight loss intolerance, sleep issues, and hair loss. When I finally took my healing into my own hands, I learned the secrets to rebalancing hormones and shifted my career to train in functional medicine and holistic nutrition. After years of working with private clients, I created The Balanced Hormone Blueprint™ so all women can learn the simple steps to reversing their symptoms and return to the healthy and happy life they deserve.

A Sneak Peek Inside

The Balanced Hormone Blueprint

Hormonal imbalance can severely disrupt your life. But the great news is that it’s all correctable. You can restore balance, relieve symptoms, and feel like yourself again.

In 8 engaging modules, I'll personally share my groundbreaking hormone balancing process that I've perfected after working with hundreds of private clients. Unlike other courses that are one-size-fits-all, you'll learn how to balance your hormones for your unique needs.

You'll also get accompanying guides, tip sheets, symptom trackers, self-assessments, pre-recorded Q&A videos & access to special discounts on supplements and one-on-one sessions with me.


Module 1: Assess your hormone health

Take a hormone imbalance assessment that helps you customize the whole program, and learn how to track your symptoms at home to gauge progress

Module 3: How to build a Balanced Plate

What foods to include, what foods to exclude, how to build your plate with confidence for your best hormone and gut health

Module 5: How to fix your leaky gut (because you definitely have one!)

What is the connection between your gut and your hormones, and what you need to include in your diet and lifestyle to heal your leaky gut

Module 7: When to supplement smartly

What are supplement's role in true hormone and gut healing, and how to incorporate them to get the most out of their magic (without being on 15 million for life)

Module 2: Get the 411 on toxin exposure

What you need to avoid and reduce to heal your gut & hormones, and specifically what to prioritize replacing along with suggestions for each and every one

Module 4: Customize your nutrition for your hormone imabalance

Get info on the top foods to include for your type of hormone imbalance, and my method for easy meal plans

Module 6: Rewire your stress response

Stress is part of life, but the way you respond doesn't have to be. Get simple and effective strategies to use to change your body's stress load so you can clear out the noise and heal your hormones

Module 8: How to know what comes next

Get info on the top foods to include for your type of hormone imbalance, and my method for making meal prep a cinch

The Balanced Hormone Blueprint™

Will Teach You...

  • Hidden toxins to avoid for optimal health
  • The best diet to support your gut and hormones
  • Lifestyle modifications to heal leaky gut
  • How to get restful sleep every night
  • Steps to assess your own hormonal health, and track your symptoms
  • How to get through each day without brain fog & fatigue
  • Techniques for developing healthy skin & nails no matter your age
  • How to stop overeating and feel satisfied after meals
  • Ways to eliminate painful menstrual cycles & bloating
  • How to eliminate perimenopause symptoms
  • Tips for rewiring your stress response
  • And so much more!

Need More Convincing? Here's What Students are Saying about the methods in The Balanced Hormone Blueprint™

Victoria, 32

I have experienced painful periods since puberty, along with bloating and hormone acne. After doing what Marisa recommended, I have no painful or annoying physical signs that my period is about to start. Sometimes it even surprises me, because I have none of the warning signs I had for 15 years.

Carrie, 36

Three years ago my doctor diagnosed me with PCOS just because he thought I was overweight and didn't want to deal with my period issues. I am so lucky I found Marisa. She looked at my lab work and helped me understand what my body needed most. After 6 months of using her recommendations, my period is normal, my hair on my head is growing long and strong, and I feel so confident in my body.

Anna, 35

After I had my first baby, my metabolism just completely gave up. I lost hair, felt cold all the time, lost a lot of weight and then gained a lot of weight. Everyone else told me that I just needed to eat less and move more. Not Marisa, she understood more about what was going on than anyone else and had a plan I could follow to heal. I am indebted to her, and for the first time in years considering a second baby.

Sarah, 37

I have hashimotos, and it feels like it has stolen my life. I would wake up with no energy and feel like I was in a fog, so how could I ever be motivated to eat weel and exercise? Marisa is the first healthcare provider who could give me clear information that made sense to explain what was going on in my body and what I needed to get healthy. I recently saw my doctor and she actually wants to lower my medication, because I'm doing so well!

Jess, 44

I was tired and frustrated with gaining weight and my doctor told me that it was just part of aging and that my thyroid was fine. Marisa taught me about my specific type of hormone issue and how to feel better. After a few months, I've had the kind of weight loss that you know will actually stick around because it's slow and steady.

Katy, 34

Being able to fall asleep, stay asleep, and feel well rested upon waking has changed my life. Previously, I felt constant fatigue and had difficulty concentrating throughout the day. Now I have the most restful sleep of my life!

How The Balanced Hormone Blueprint™ Works

Access to 8

Jam-Packed Modules

You get immediate access to all the modules as soon as you pay! Marisa recommends going through 1 module per week. This is the best way for you to have time to practice & learn everything you need to be succesful!


Q&A Videos

You'll have access to special pre-recorded Q&A calls that answer the most common questions that come up. You also have a special form to submit your personal questions for future Q&A video recordings.

You Get All Future Updates

for FREE

You'll have access to all the updates and additional materials that are added to the course for the lifetime of the course at no extra charge!

Ready to Take Charge of Your Hormonal Health?

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of results can I expect?

The Balanced Horomone Blueprint teaches you what is essential for optimal hormone health in a clear and concise way. While I can't know exactly how your body will respond, I can share some of the results that many other women have achieved through using this method: balanced energy, steady mood, restful sleep, improved thyroid function, easier periods, increased fertility, improvement in perimenopause, PMS, thyroid, metabolism, blood sugar, PCOS, and endometriosis symptoms.

I'm nervous that this course won't work for me, do you find most women are succesful?

The common thread between the women who succesfully change their symptoms for the long-run is that they are commited. They learn the concepts and apply them as they go, and they continue to use the framework I teach as a change in their lifestyle. Most women find they actually have more food freedom and these habits require less work once you've learned them. Amongst the women who are not succesful, they try the framework for a month or two and then go back to many of their prior habits. This course teaches you a way to live, not something that you should just try for a month or two. So, if you aren't prepared to truly commit to change, then this isn't the course for you.

When will I have access to the materials after I purchase it?

You'll get all the self-paced modules as soon as you sign up. You'll also be able to submit your personal questions to me for recorded Q&A calls where I answer your questions on video! You'll have access to recordings within the course and be able to learn from others questions too.

How long will it take to get through the program?

It will take you 4-8 weeks to complete all the weekly modules and practice applying what you learn, and you'll be noticing changes in how you feel all along the way.

What if I feel better, but still think I can make more progress?

This is where functional lab testing and one on one work wtih me can be a huge help. I highly recommend starting with the Balanced Hormone Blueprint™, as this method is the literal starting place that I take all of my private clients through before we are able to dig into deeper health issues that persist. Think of this as the first step to nourishing your body and preparing it for deeper healing.

If a I follow a specific diet like keto or vegan, can I do this program?

A big part of what I teach is a dietary approach that compliments hormone imbalances in women. If you are not open to shifting from a restrictive diet, then this program is not for you. I do specifically advocate for animal products, so again, if you are not open to making this change in your diet in order to improve your health then this is not for you.

How long do I have access to the program?

You'll have lifetime access to the materials for as long as I offer this course. You'll also automatically receive any future updates or upgrades to this course at no additional cost to you. You'll have access to exclusive pre-recorded Q&A videos that are updated monthly as your questions come in about the course and implementing all the steps.

Are refunds available?

This program is non-refundable. If you need additional support in implementing what you learn, you can always reach out to work one on one with me.

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